Union Avoidance & Campaign Preparation

May 17, 2018

Foundations is uniquely situated to assist in this area. Your company will benefit from the expertise that the professionals at Foundations Human Resources Consulting bring after decades of experience implementing programs to ensure a positive work environment and mitigating union activity once it starts. Our consultants have experienced firsthand the legal, labor, and employment challenges in a lean business environment and will use their combined 175+ years of experience to partner with you. Here are a few examples of how Foundations can assist:

  • Development of Campaign Plans: Development of a campaign plan that spans from receipt of petition to election day. The Foundations team will guide in the development of the key components of the plan – identifying resources, logistical planning, content development and input – to ensure legal compliance, reducing the opportunity for unfair labor practice charges. The time to develop and review the plan with key management is before union activity occurs at your company or with your employees.
  • Campaign Communications: Development of a strategic communication plan that includes key messages regarding unions, resolution to issues, and appropriate methods for delivery during a campaign.
  • Positive Employee Relations Action Plans: Development of a strategic plan to ensure key components exist to foster a work environment that promotes effective two-way communication, issues identification and resolution, employee engagement and input, and other activities. This action plan will ensure that dignity and respect are foundational components of the organization.
  • Training (see Training & Development Programs): Development of various training modules that are specific to the needs of your organization.
  • Support During Organizing Campaigns: Foundations can provide direction, guidance, and assistance during a campaign. This includes, but is not limited to, execution of the campaign plan, strategic campaign responses, on-site direction and logistical guidance, communications development, research and monitoring to understand current climate within the workforce, supervisor training and education, as well as other functions necessary for a successful campaign response plan.
  • Research and Monitoring: Our consultants can provide in-depth research and monitoring on union activity, labor climate, social media websites, legislative regulations, and industry news. This function can be topic specific, based on the current needs of your organization.
  • Union Profiles: Foundations’ union profiles provide a comprehensive and informative view of individual union organizations. Each profile includes detailed background information, in-depth intelligence, a thorough evaluation of the latest union activity, and unique insights based on our consultants’ extensive experience in this area.

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