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Helping Employers Maximize the Contribution and Potential of Their Most Valuable Asset:
Their Employees

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What Sets Us Apart

Putting Practical Knowledge and Expertise to Work for You

Given the deep and broad experience of our team, we are walk-on qualified to handle any human resources challenge – from the routine to the most complex. Our consultants have a combined 175+ years of experience driving results at a premier automotive manufacturing company. They have experienced firsthand the legal, labor, and employment challenges employers face in a lean business environment. We can put that expertise and value to work for you by partnering with you to maximize your organization’s human performance.

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“Our consultants are walk-on qualified to handle any human resources challenge – from the routine to the most complex.”

Our Services

Foundations Human Resources offers practical, tested, and effective services and solutions to maximize the contribution and potential of your most important asset: your employees.

  • Human Resources Assessments

    Human Resources Assessments

    Foundations will target an assessment to your company’s specific needs and/or conduct a comprehensive assessment to include all aspects of Human Resources.

  • Training & Development Programs

    Training & Development Programs

    Foundations’ hallmark solution is training. Our consultants can provide training modules and customized training and development programs to meet your organization’s specific needs.

  • Union Avoidance & Campaign Preparation

    Union Avoidance & Campaign Preparation

    Foundations HR is uniquely situated to assist in this area. Your company will benefit from the expertise that the professionals at Foundations bring after decades of experience implementing programs to ensure a positive work environment and mitigating union activity once it starts.

  • Systems & Program Development

    Systems & Program Development

    Foundations Human Resources Consulting can develop systems and programs targeted specifically to your company that will support building trust and mutual respect through positive employee relations in lean work environments.

  • On‐Site Human Resources Support

    On‐Site Human Resources Support

    Foundations can provide on-site support for your HR professionals allowing your company to proactively engage employees and identify issues before they escalate.

  • Special Human Resources Projects

    Special Human Resources Projects

    Foundations’ consultants have many years of experience in all functions of human resources, which allows us to provide specialized knowledge and skill to just about any HR challenge you and your company may face.

  • Employment & Labor Law

    Employment & Labor Law

    Foundations Human Resources Consulting is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fisher Phillips, one of the country’s premier law firms specializing solely in labor and employment law. As such, we are able to partner with the firm to provide legal training and services.

Our Team

Our consultants have a combined 175+ years of experience driving results at a premier automotive manufacturing company. Let us put that expertise and value to work for your company so you can focus on your core business.

Carol Sampson photo
Carol Sampson
Executive Director and Co-Founder

Carol Sampson has over 30 years of practical work experience at three automotive manufacturers and has implemented lean HR programs that have ensured stable and positive employee relations at Toyota’s North American manufacturing facilities. Carol applies her broad human resources experience to partner with clients who want to maximize their organizations’ human performance.

Stephanie Prewitt photo
Stephanie Prewitt
Executive Director and Co-Founder

Stephanie Prewitt is an attorney who has, for nearly 20 years, counseled HR departments on labor and employment matters and partnered with HR executives to implement systems and processes that are not only legally sound, but also further the principles of lean business operations.

Cathy Decker Mills photo
Cathy Decker Mills
Senior Consultant
Jan Czochara photo
Jan Czochara
Karen Combs photo
Karen Combs
Nancy Roy photo
Nancy Roy
Whitney Webb photo
Whitney Webb

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"Human Resources is the foundation to any company’s success and my team and I build programs to enhance the work environment, promote trust, improve engagement, and strengthen management's relationship with their employees. Our work is done with a thoughtful eye to cost and compliance."

- Carol Sampson, Founder -
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