The Role of HR

March 12, 2020

In the Toyota Way, there are two pillars:  respect for people and continuous improvement. The company realized that the vaulted Toyota Production System could only flourish when the employees were functioning at their highest levels. You will often hear Toyota employees past and present refer to the Toyota Way — many of us refer to … Continue reading “The Role of HR”

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Foundations Human Resources Consulting – why did you choose that name?

January 28, 2020

Welcome to Foundational Matters, Foundations HR Consulting’s new blog! We are very excited to launch this blog and hope you will be a regular visitor to our site. In Foundational Matters, we will share with you some of the wisdom our consultants have gained over their decades working in the Human Resources world. What are … Continue reading “Foundations Human Resources Consulting – why did you choose that name?”

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"Human Resources is the foundation to any company’s success and my team and I build programs to enhance the work environment, promote trust, improve engagement, and strengthen management's relationship with their employees. Our work is done with a thoughtful eye to cost and compliance."

- Carol Sampson, Founder -
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