Employment & Labor Law

May 17, 2018

Foundations Human Resources Consulting is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fisher Phillips, one of the country’s premier law firms specializing solely in labor and employment law. As such, we are able to partner with the firm to provide legal training and services. We offer training in these and other areas:

  • Disability Discrimination: This training covers the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act, including its amendments, coverage, the definitions of disability, exclusions from coverage, reasonable accommodation issues, confidentiality requirements, medical exam inquiries, and practical tips to avoid liability.
  • Wage and Hour: The focus of this training is the Fair Labor Standards Act and state law counterparts, white‐collar exemptions, permissible and impermissible deductions, regular rate issues, travel time, remedies and penalties, and practical tips to avoid liability.
  • FMLA: This training covers the key provisions of the Family & Medical Leave Act, the leave requirements, the definition of serious health condition, notice requirements, types of leave, remedies, and practical tips to avoid liability.
  • Anti‐Harassment Training: This module focuses on the impact of harassment on an organization, and instructs supervisors on how to take immediate action upon discovering any type of workplace harassment. The module includes realistic scenarios, including scenarios based upon examples from work settings that are similar to your organization.
  • Human Resources Documentation: This training is based on a mock deposition and gives tips for putting together good documentation.
  • Discrimination: This interactive training includes realistic scenarios involving different types of discrimination (e.g., sex, race, religion, etc.), and also discusses remedies and practical tips to avoid liability.

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- Carol Sampson, Founder -
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