Human Resources Assessments

May 17, 2018

Foundations Human Resources Consulting will target an assessment to your company’s specific needs and/or conduct a comprehensive assessment to include all aspects of Human Resources. Each assessment is customized to the needs of your company. Following are examples of just some of the assessments Foundations can provide, but this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • HR Organization/Functional Assessment: This assessment will evaluate your HR organization structure and function in relation to your needs and HR’s intended purpose within your company. Foundations will make recommendations to close any gaps identified, including staffing and roles and responsibilities of the HR function, to most effectively meet organizational goals.
  • Culture Assessment: Foundations will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your corporate culture in relation to the culture you desire to establish or maintain or to prevailing best practices. Our consultants will make recommendations to establish or align cultural objectives to your company’s vision, mission, and values, and propose programs to sustain the desired culture to maximize performance.
  • Morale Assessment: This assessment is focused on employee morale and opinions around key issues which drive motivation and productivity. Foundations will make recommendations to correct problem areas and to align policies, systems, and programs in order to sustain improvements.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Foundations will evaluate your company’s vulnerability and preparedness for unwelcome union activity. The assessment includes a visual evaluation of the premises, employee interviews, and an assessment of your community to uncover areas of concern and to propose an action plan to address these areas.
  • Positive Employee Relations Assessment: With this assessment, Foundations will determine and evaluate the status of systems that support a positive employee relations work environment. A positive employee relations assessment will provide systems for on-going tracking, reporting, and resolution of employee-relations issues through strategic and scheduled two-way management/employee interactive opportunities. The assessment includes Foundations’ recommendations to improve or implement elements of these systems to maximize the performance of your organization.
  • Foundations of Leadership Expectations Assessment: This 360° program assesses leaders’ skills by looking at how effectively they perform their daily jobs. As with all Foundations’ assessments, the process is fully customizable and provides data at the individual and group level. This assessment is a great precursor to succession planning and other performance development programs.

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"Human Resources is the foundation to any company’s success and my team and I build programs to enhance the work environment, promote trust, improve engagement, and strengthen management's relationship with their employees. Our work is done with a thoughtful eye to cost and compliance."

- Carol Sampson, Founder -
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