Carol Sampson

May 11, 2018

Carol Sampson was a first generation Human Resources professional at Toyota’s largest manufacturing plant in the United States. She was taught the vaulted Toyota Production System (TPS) by experts – experts who understood that the production system couldn’t succeed without completely recognizing the value of and fully implementing the Human Resources pillar. She used this first-hand knowledge to customize and implement systems that allowed TPS to flourish. Processes developed by Ms. Sampson over her 26-year career are still in use within Toyota. Today, she specializes in partnering with clients – large and small – to efficiently implement practical strategies to strengthen their Human Resources capability and infrastructure.

Ms. Sampson has over 30 years of practical work experience at three automotive manufacturers, and has taught countless others the value and role of a vibrant and capable Human Resources function. She is widely regarded as an expert in strategies to foster positive employee relations.

Ms. Sampson has a master’s degree in industrial relations and a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of Alabama, where she graduated magna cum laude.

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"Human Resources is the foundation to any company’s success and my team and I build programs to enhance the work environment, promote trust, improve engagement, and strengthen management's relationship with their employees. Our work is done with a thoughtful eye to cost and compliance."

- Carol Sampson, Founder -
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