Karen Combs

May 11, 2018

Karen Combs has over 25 years of hands-on experience in Human Resources working for Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc., in both a plant and a regional role. Ms. Combs’s passion and focus is working with front line supervisors and management assisting them in maximizing their most important resource, their employees.

In all her interactions, Ms. Combs’s goal is to help promote an understanding of the importance of a strong positive employee relations strategy and the impact of an engaged and valued workforce on a company’s key business objectives.

Ms. Combs brings an expertise in the areas of Employee Engagement and Communication, Issues Assessment and Resolution, Recognition Programs, Strategic Planning and Project Management, Effective Leadership Training, and Employee Relations.

Ms. Combs has a bachelor’s degree in journalism, with a concentration in marketing and public relations, from the University of Kentucky.

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"Human Resources is the foundation to any company’s success and my team and I build programs to enhance the work environment, promote trust, improve engagement, and strengthen management's relationship with their employees. Our work is done with a thoughtful eye to cost and compliance."

- Carol Sampson, Founder -
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